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To understand me...

To understand me, perhaps a few tangibles may help.

If I were the sky, I would be a cloud drifting, reshaping, reinventing, but always enigmatic. If I were the earth, I would be a rock, bathing in the rush of a waterfall. If I were a tree, I would be a willow, that soft lacy wandering in the whims of breezes, dreaming quietly by water.

If I were a place, I would be Sheffield in Tasmania; coloured with murals whispering of other lifetimes; wrapped in the mystery of blue mountains flecked with snow. If I were a shop, I would be Berkelouw's rambling magic of a homestead, alone in serene farmland, in Berrima NSW; graced with an intimate cafe, window boxes of vibrant geraniums and a wonderful log fire hosted by an old armchair. And of course, those books forgotten by the mainstream bookworld.

If I were a garden, I would be Mount Annan Botanic Garden south of Sydney NSW. A healing place, where forested boardwalks gently lead to sanctuaries of old songlines and a sundial on a hill waits for human shadows to cast time.

If I were to be a season, I would be Autumn; that mystical limbo raining in colour.

If I were to be an element, I would be Water, the paradox of a variable constant; sometimes plains of blue leading to silken road horizons; sometimes lapping charms by those coastal sands of decision; sometimes cleansing, healing hands; sometimes drowning rebirth.

If I were a bread of life, I would wink impishly from the exotic worlds of a chocolate box.

But, I am none of those things, for now.

For now, I am just some eerie etchings on a white slate, trying to drift in a tiny bark through tai chi skies.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."


Captured in Print* A series of Literacy Books for Australian and New Zealand High School Students. The publisher is Blake Education. Some of my poetry has been included.* Teachers' notes and activities for a wide range of educational videos on ancient and modern history, poetry and art. The publisher is Learning Essentials.

Captured in Time* Passionate activist to enhance boys' education in high school years.* Initiated high school electives such as History Mysteries and Myths and Legends. These courses challenge and stimulate the curiosity of the "I'm bored" teenager!* Initiated workshops to stimulate a higher order of creative thinking in 6th graders, to prepare them for high school.* Co-authored a play called "Riff Raff" (may be published!) Students will perform the play for Queensland school audiences in June 2008.* Somewhat eccentric co-ordinator of the English faculty (so they tell me!)


I have always been passionate about encouraging teenagers to indulge in creative writing. Now, the dream is emerging! Teen Waves, is my central blog linking to the poetry, flash fiction and articles by students at my school. (Links to their blogs appear on the sidebar). Here is talent that somehow flies above the clouds, out of sight from school eyes. At last, now we have the technology to glimpse how teenagers can write so much more than mere text messages.

If there is a singer of my soul, it must be Loreena McKennitt. If there is a writer of my mind, it must be Margaret Atwood. Strangely, they are both Canadian. Maybe there is some message for me here.

My inspiration - Life in all its colours and tapestries, lights and shadows

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