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Published: May 11 2007 on Helium

Art is an interpretation of a particular space. It aims to stimulate the senses.
* Clip art
* Card art
* Photography

Art aims to pleasure and heighten and challenge the visual senses.
* Architecture homes and public buildings
* Sculpture
* Painting
* Art galleries

Art may aim to awaken new senses.
* Music
* Dance
* Video clips

Art may attempt to create exacting rhythms.
* Synchronised swimming
* Dressage

Art may renew, refresh and even recreate the self image.
* Hair styles
* Make up
* Clothing fashions and accessories

Art may be a sustained atmosphere for leisure delight.
* Malls
* Atmosphere in restaurants and cafes

Art may be a stylistic presentation on a particular theme.
* Expos

Art may be a subversive connection between marketer and buyer.
* Posters and billboards
* Newspaper and magazine advertisements
* Tourist brochures
* Newspaper and website layouts
* Boutique motels

Art may be an attractive mix of quality material, design, shape and colour attracting a buyer.
* Electrical goods
* Clocks and watches
* Carpet and tiles
* Furniture
* Floral arrangements

Art may be a special sense of feng shui in key rooms of the home
* Bathrooms
* Kitchens
* Bedrooms

Art may be the sense of peace deliberated generated by a power source
* Lights and lighting effects
* Candles and candle glows

So far, it seems art is some kind of manufactured man-made interpretation, some rearrangement of reality, awakening new responses to that reality.
But there is always the art of nature herself; the moody, mischievous, delightful living art of nature.

The art of nature is timeless.

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